“Do Nothing” EMT Ignores Dying Pregnant Woman In The Heart Of The FDNY’s Headquarters

Birth Injury, Wrongful Death

Should there be civil or criminal accountability for the “do-nothing” EMT who ignored the pleas for help of a dying pregnant woman in a Brooklyn coffee shop?

Here’s the story: On December 9th of last year, the City EMT, Melisa Jackson, was having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop when she was approached by the coffee shop employees to help a 25 year old pregnant woman who was suffering an acute asthma attack.  It just so happens that this happened in the heart of the FDNY’s headquarters in Brooklyn and the EMT’s, Melisa Jackson and her EMT partner, Jason Green, both worked upstairs in the dispatch center.

When summoned for help, the City EMT’s told the coffee shop workers to call 9-1-1, but neither EMT went to look at the pregnant woman who was then in severe respiratory distress.  The pregnant woman died of severe respiratory distress, while two of “New York’s finest” sat in the coffee shop and watched her and her unborn baby die.

The City EMT’s were suspended for 30 days without pay after the NY Post broke the story and criminal charges were brought against EMT, Melisa Jackson, for “official misconduct”.  The lawyers for Ms. Jackson argue that the criminal charge won’t hold water against her because she told staffers to call 9-1-1.  What a joke!

The “Do-Nothing” EMT became an emergency medical technician hopefully to help people.  When faced with a true emergency in a life-or-death situation of a young, 26 year old pregnant woman, the EMT partners sat there “in the heart of Brooklyn’s FDNY headquarters” and did absolutely nothing.  Criminal and civil charges should be brought against their calluous and despicable conduct that may have cost of a young pregnant woman her life.