Esophagus Perforations And Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Earlier this week I discussed bowel perforations and how they can be life-threatening. Like a bowel perforation, an esophagus perforation can be equally life-threatening and even more painful. Both types of perforations are almost always medical malpractice, and an esophagus perforation is very rare and even more likely to be medical malpractice.

Like a bowel perforation, the major issue with an esophagus perforation is infection. Foreign objects such as food and drink will enter into the chest and abdominal cavity where they are not supposed to be. This can cause a massive infection that is very difficult to heal. Unlike bowel perforations, this infection will be near the most vital structures such as the lungs and heart. This can be absolutely catastrophic to a patient.

Another issue with an esophagus perforation is that it is harder to heal as it is constantly being used to breath and eat/drink, depending how high the tear is. Whereas a bowel can be redirected. This creates more pain and suffering. They can also get super swollen and close up, those causing an airway to close which can kill a patient.

When a physician makes these serious medical mistakes which result in an esophagus perforation, he or she should pay for the mistake! A negligent healthcare provider should not get away with these mistakes! This is something that causes a lot of pain and suffering to a patient and is something that is very seriously life-threatening for many reasons.

A common way these perforations occur is during an endoscopy or during a GI procedure. This is where the surgeon is going down the throat with instruments which can cause serious injury to the vital structures. This is particularly true with an clamping or bulky tools, as well as very sharp tools.

Shouldn’t a negligent healthcare provider pay for the mistake harming you?


This is not the kind of injury to ignore, this is a very serious injury you need to be compensated for.