Fugitive Doctor Facing More Than 350 Medical Malpractice Suits


Phantom surgeries have received a lot of attention lately. Phantom surgeries occur when doctors claim to perform procedures on patients and bill for the procedures, but fail to actually perform the procedure! Anyone of us could be a victim to these so-called phantom surgeries

Most recently, Mark Weinberger, an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist in Indiana abandoned his practice and hid at a camping site in Italian Alps after facing lawsuits alleging he performed unnecessary surgeries and outmoded procedures that resulted in worsening many patients’ conditions.

Weinberger disappeared after a law firm representing several potential plaintiffs requested additional patient records. While on the run, the doctor was charged with 22 federal counts of insurance fraud alleging that he billed for surgeries he didn’t perform totaling $350,000.

Weinberger pled guilty to the federal charges and agreed to serve four years, but a federal judge rejected the deal.

Additionally, Weinberger’s medical malpractice insurance carrier filed suit against the doctor claiming he was uncooperative and his actions void their duty to defend. Weinberger then filed suit against the same carrier alleging bad faith.

The doctor used to carry the popular nickname “the nose doctor” of Merrillville, but now many news organizations have re-named him “America’s worst doctor.”

The doctor has settled two cases, both involving children, seven cases have gone to trial, and 288 more cases are pending.

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