Gastric Bypass Procedures Gone Wrong!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Infection, excessive bleeding, heart attack, blood clots, and post operative internal leaking at the bypass surgical site are common complications that which gastric bypass patients may have to endure. Competent and experienced gastric bypass surgeons may be able to prevent these complications.

The experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorneys knows that not all surgeons that perform gastric bypass surgeries are so experienced as to prevent avoidable complications from occurring. In fact, the risk of patient death is greater for patients who were operated on a gastric bypass surgeon with less than 100 gastric bypass surgeries under their belt.

Who does one fault when a surgery is performed by a surgeon with less than a trifle of experience? The surgeon or the hospital that let the surgeon operate without enough experience? Perhaps both, and the testimony of experts in the field will be needed in order for the court to determine if allowing such was a deviation from the standard of care owed to the patient.

Perhaps the way in which gastric bypass surgeries are performed will benefit patients. Laparoscopic surgery is one way to operate that is said to be safer for patients. On some levels, this may be true. But again, a surgeon inexperienced with laparoscopic techniques may cause more harm than experienced doctors.

Historical precedent may support such a claim. For those old enough to remember, around two decades ago surgeons began to perform gallbladder removal laparoscopically. After all, gallbladder surgery was routine by that time and laparoscopic surgery could only make it easier. At least that was the thought.

Gallbladder patients began experiencing complications that which should not have happened. The result was an increase in medical malpractice allegations. One reason explaining the increase in complications was the use of laparoscopic means by surgeons not experienced enough in the practice.

Is gastric bypass surgery still a viable option for patients seeking a weight loss remedy? It certainly appears to be. Many gastric bypass patients suffer from morbid obesity, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea. Gastric bypass surgery can greatly improve the lives of these people. So what can a patient do to reduce his or her risk of becoming injured by a doctor?

First, take the time to fully understand the pros and cons of having surgery. Talk to the doctor about everything. More importantly, find out the surgeons experience level. See how many gastric bypass surgeries were performed at the hospital you plan to visit. More successful gastric surgeries performed can equate to better patient outcomes. Being a proactive patient is a healthy choice too.

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