Group Of Woman Sue Doctors Who Told Them They Had Breast Cancer But Actually Didn’t!

Cancer Misdiagnosis

This is a disturbing situation coming out of Canada but pertinent to patients and doctors everywhere.  Essentially, what has happened was a group of woman had gone in for mammograms and were told that they had very severe cases of breast cancer.  Of course, this resulted in them having mastectomies of both breasts.

However, in the medical malpractice lawsuit they are claiming that these tests were not necessary because the doctors were negligent in the diagnosis and testing of the patients.  They group of woman blame their harm done on this breakdown by the physicians and the testing that was done.

The attorney representing this group of woman is alleging that the doctors had grossly overstated the severity of the cancerous tumors because there were improperly performed tests done and faulty mammograms performed.  Therefore, there may not have been a need for the woman to have their breasts removed in the first place.  In fact, one of the plaintiff’s experts firmly believes that none of the double mastectomies were required because the severity of the breast cancer did not warrant such invasive and drastic procedures.

What makes this all much worse is that some of the woman actually underwent chemotherapy treatment after the mastectomies, including one patient who went through SIX chemotherapy cycles!!!  What a drastic and dangerous procedure just by itself, which is meant to actually kill the cancer cells but also kills many healthy cells as well.  In fact, it essentially brings a patient very close to death before the cycle ends.  This, of course, brings in mental and emotional claims as well.

How horrible is this?  The allegations are not specific just yet to provide a cause of the misdiagnoses.  But that is okay, because there is still the opportunity for disclosure (in New York court) or discovery (in federal court) where the majority of cases are won and lost.  Specifically in a case such as this, where some of the details won’t all be apparent right away, disclosure could be the major factor contributing to the settlement or even the dismissal of the case.

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