Hand Amputation From Simple Blood Monitoring Line

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

According to news reports, a man went into NYC Health + Hospitals/Elmhurst with pneumonia and walked out without a hand!  He had a blood pressure monitoring line inserted.  But something went horribly wrong and he ended up having to have his entire hand amputated because it went gangrene.  The man is going to commence a lawsuit against the hospital.  His attorney stated that something clearly went wrong in the insertion of the blood pressure monitoring line which should not have become gangrenous.

Look how scary this is!

Going into the hospital for pneumonia and coming out without a hand!  A simple but someone dangerous condition of pneumonia, yes, but the result ended up being very serious and dangerous medical malpractice.  This is horrible and really sad.

Gangrene is very serious and never acceptable.  Simple lines inserted into a patient should not become gangrenous.  Patients who get hurt because of this should have their rights protected in a medical malpractice lawsuit to get them compensation they deserve.  Victims may not now be able to do the work they once were used to doing.  They may also be unable to do basic daily activity, such as driving a car or cutting food to eat.

This type of medical malpractice is particularly troubling.  It certainly shocks the conscious and a jury.  People who see this would be completely upset and even angry with it.  This is a bad example of medical malpractice!