Heart Attacks That Are Misdiagnosed: They Happen, And You Should Protect Yourself

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

If you feel like you are having an emergency and go to the hospital, but then they discharge you, aren’t they always right?  Don’t they always know better?  Shouldn’t you listen to them?

No—they aren’t always right, they don’t always know better, and you shouldn’t listen to them.You know your body, and you need to trust your body.  If you are going to the emergency room because you think you are experiencing a medical emergency, then you have broken through the walls of uncertainly and even embarrassment of going to the emergency room and you are sure something is up.  Don’t take just anything for an answer, push to get the right answers.

Hospital s and emergency rooms do make mistakes.  Unfortunately, one common emergency that can be mistaken is a heart attack.  Victims who are misdiagnosed when having a heart attack can be serious injured and even killed.  Many times hospitals do not run the proper tests, they misread tests, and they can even misapply the results to your symptoms.  There can be very serious medical errors.

I just settled a heart attack misdiagnosis case like this which resulted in a $3.6 million recovery for a young woman who went to the hospital with the classic signs of a heart attack.  An EKG was run and it came back that she was having a heart attack, but the hospital diagnosed her with anxiety and sent her home anyway.  Five days letter, she ended up suffering from a ruptured heart which caused her death.  This all could have been avoided had she been treated for the heart attack she was suffering.

This example happens all too often.  When doctors do not listen to patients, you need to push back and fight for your rights.  You know yourself.  While doctors are much more trained, you are the first line of defense when you are feeling ill.  Push back on a doctor to ensure your rights are protected.