Hepatitis Is A Serious Health Condition

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

All medical professionals must properly diagnose and treat their patients.  The standard of care in accordance with accepted medical practices must be provided to the patient.  This applies to all phases of medical treatment.   As soon as a doctor patient relationship is formed, the treating physician must diagnose, treat, and prescribe medications in a competent, non negligent manner.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys know that medical negligence often occurs when a doctor fails to diagnose the patient properly.  Depending on the patient’s medical history and symptoms, it may be reasonable for a doctor to miss a diagnosis.  Other times, the mistake should not have occurred.  In fact, very frequently another doctor of similar skill and competence practicing in the same community would not have made such a gross mistake.

Hepatitis is a complex disease of varying degree.  There are several types of hepatitis; A, B, C, D, and E.  And in general, it is an inflammation of the liver.  Drug abuse can cause hepatitis, and so can alcohol abuse.  Chicken pox can inflame the liver as well.  Water and food can be contaminated with the virus and then it will spread to a person who consumes the contaminated product.   Intercourse can transmit the virus, so too can it pass from mother to child during child birth.

Since hepatitis varies by type and in degree, it is often misdiagnosed.  Its symptoms also mirror other common afflictions.  For example, the flu has symptoms similar to hepatitis B.  Cirrhosis of the liver also has similar symptoms.  Another problem is that hepatitis A is hard to spot in general.

Since fevers, loss of appetite, weakness, and fatigue are main symptoms of hepatitis, it is easy to see that misdiagnoses will occur.  But that does not mean that such is ok.  Medical professionals should get a comprehensive history of the patient that includes asking patients of where they have been traveling.  If symptoms persist for too long, additional tests should be administered to rule out all possibilities.

The consequences of misdiagnosing hepatitis are severe.  Untreated forms of hepatitis can lead to death.  It can also lead to cirrhosis and or cancer.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys know how to investigate a case of suspected medical malpractice.  They will talk to the injured patient, review medical records, and consult with medical experts.  Such will pinpoint the exact moment when the malpractice occurred.  Experts will also be able to state where the offending doctor went wrong and what the offending doctor should have done.

In many cases, attorneys are able to get compensation for the patient’s pain, suffering, medical costs, wages lost, and many other forms of damages.

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