Hernia Surgery Leaves Woman A “Vegetable”


A 69-year-old mother of four entered Montefiore Medical Center for a routine hernia surgery. The outcome however was anything BUT “routine”.

Patricia Imperati is now confined to a nursing home after suffering significant brain injury. Imperati deteriorated over a period of three weeks at the medical center following the hernia surgery. After the surgery, Imperati developed a large hematoma on one side and an infection at the incision that “smelled horribly.”

Imperati’s family filed suit in Bronx Supreme Court and the family’s medical malpractice attorney stated that the initial incision was not properly closed which led to internal bleeding. The attorney claims nothing was done for weeks in regard to the infection Imperati acquired following the surgery and when a follow-up surgery was finally scheduled she was found to be suffering from a stage four bedsore—a sore so deep one could see to the bone.

This lawsuit against Montefiore follows another recent mishap at the hospital where a 41-year-old woman­—who was a live organ donor—died in what should have been another routine procedure. Yolanda Medina died after her aorta was cut during surgery where she planned to donate a kidney to her brother. She left behind three children.

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