Hospital And Nurse Accused Of Negligence

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When a person goes to the hospital they expect and rely on medical workers for appropriate care and treatment. The trust of the patients and their family members is placed in the hands of these medical professionals. However, there are some cases where that trust is abused. An example of when the patient’s trust is abused by medical professionals is a lawsuit that started because of the alleged negligence of a Minnesota hospital and a former nurse.

Four former patients of the hospital are suing the hospital and the former nurse for negligence. This medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that the four patients developed infections in their bloodstreams because the nurse, Blake Zenner, siphoned pain medication from their IV bags for his own personal use. This diversion of drugs led to the patients suffering from high fevers and pain they would not have experience otherwise. Zenner admits to diverting the pain medication.

A hospital spokeswoman says that the four patients chose not to meet with the hospital to speak about the diversion of pain medication but rather decided to pursue legal action instead. Additionally the hospital believes that none of the patients who were affected by the nurse’s actions (which appear to be 24 patients in total) were substantially harmed because of the drug diversion. The hospital claims that there were not any significant complications suffered by the patients.

Zenner has pleaded guilty to stealing the pain medication. He has also surrendered his nursing license. In addition, he has lost his job at the hospital and is also facing criminal charges.

While in the hospital, patients expect that medical workers will do everything possible to improve their condition. Committing acts such as removing portions a patient’s pain medication does the opposite. A person’s health is very important and preventing any further complications should be a medical workers top priority. In cases such as this, where medical professionals have been negligent, victims and family members can pursue a medical malpractice lawsuit. Such a lawsuit, if successful, can provide victims with the compensation that they.

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