New Research: Hospital Safety Practices Don’t Affect Patient Outcomes


New research published in the Archives of Surgery found that whether or not hospitals and other trauma centers meet national safety standards does not affect or alter the patient’s risk of dying or getting an infection when there. Basically, quality measures meant to improve hospital outcomes may not actually be as effective as they are stressed and purported to be.

The new research looked at the hospital scores of the Leapfrog Safe Practices Survey and correlated them with death rates or hospital infections. The Leapfrog Safe Practices are adopted by the National Quality Forum, which is a non-profit organization that receives government and private fund to improve patient safety and quality. In the study, the researchers were unable to establish a direct connection between the scores and the rates of death and infection by the hospital.

Wow. For weeks I have noted the decrease in hospital infections, and the need for better safety guidelines and practices. This study essentially flips the myriad of other studies on their head. But there could be other factors are play. For instance, maybe the hospitals that have better hospital safety practices generally take in more complicated cases or patients with a lower prospect of recovery.

Another issue could be they way hospitals report the safety compliance. If it is the hospital themselves completing the report, wouldn’t that normally create a conflict of interests? I think there needs to be a stronger auditor influence and more enforcement of the safety protocols before there can be such a definitive research report such as this one. I think there are just too many variables, and that the safety protocols must be effective in certain situations for some hospitals.

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