Improper Root Canal Procedures

Dental Malpractice

A simple poll of friends and family will reveal how a good number of these individuals are afraid of dentists and avoid dental treatment at all costs.  Some of this fear is unfounded; illogical.  Other times fear of dentists is based upon previous past treatment that was unpleasant, painful, and or subpar.

Experienced medical malpractice attorneys who practice law in the Hudson Valley regions of New York know that dental malpractice is a form of the broader field of medical malpractice.  Dentists are treated the same as other negligent medical professionals.  Any failure to adhere to the standards of accepted dentistry that which cause a patient to suffer damages are compensable.  The negligently injured victim can sue the offending dentist for monetary compensation.

When patients have extreme damage to a tooth, a root canal may be needed to “hollow” out the tooth and nerve endings.  After removing the inside parts of the tooth, it is then filled.  The need for a root canal can arise from poor dental hygiene, traumatic impacts to the mouth, and even from poor dental care provided by a dentist.  For example, a routine filling can be botched and the patient will need a root canal to repair the dentist’s mistake.

Dentists and patients alike know how painful the root canal procedure is and therefore wonder how dentists could be so careless and negligent to cause the need for such a procedure.  At the most basic level, dental malpractice related to root canals is caused by a dentist’s failure to follow the standards and protocols demanded by the dental profession as a whole.

Dentists have been known to improperly clean the site of the root canal.  Bacterium has been left inside of teeth as well.  Teeth have been accidentally broken as well.  Dental instruments can and have been negligently used during root canal procedures.  Instruments improperly cleaned have caused tooth infections.  The root canal can be overfilled as well and some dentists have even failed to fill the root canal altogether.

Any root canal dental malpractice will certainly cause the patient severe pain and suffering.  Patients may experience tooth loss, bone deterioration, and soft tissue devastation.  Teeth can become discolored as well.  Nerves can be irritated and or injured.  Mouth swelling can be severe too.  At the most extreme levels, the patients injury will be irreparable and life enduring.

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