New York Medical Malpractice Caused By Improper Stitches Or Sutures

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Whether it be through surgery or a traumatic accident, stitches and sutures are common for deep skin lacerations. Most times stitches and sutures are also necessary to keep the wound closed and bring the flesh and skin back together. This is particularly true after large and serious operations such as c-sections or spina surgery. Even small laparotomy surgeries with several small incisions require stitches and sutures to close the small wounds do to the deepness of the cuts.

While stitches, sutures, staples, and other apparatus are used to close open serious wounds in the skin and flesh, they can also result in serious wounds and injuries if not done properly. Great skill and care must be exercised when applying stitches, sutures, and staples for this reason.

The most common type of injury is an infection. Infections can be very difficult to treat, especially when not detected and attacked early. Infections can spread and hospital acquired infections can be resistant to forms of antibiotics making them even harder to treat and even deadly.

When infections go on too long untreated or non-responsive to treatment, they can result in sepsis. Sepsis is essentially a wide-spread infection throughout the body and in the blood. This is a massive infection. It is very dangerous and deadly because the entire body can be affected and it can be very difficult to treat. It can also damage many vital organs and structures and result in permanent damage and disability.

Improperly placed or too tight sutures and stitches can also result in deformities. This could result in wavy skin and flesh causing unsightly deformities. It can also result in injuries which will end up not healing and constantly oozing. This can open a patient up to constant infections.

But internally, improperly placed sutures and stitches can actually pull at internal structures which damage organ, cause internal bloating, and result in constant pain. The internal cavity is perfectly designed so everything fits without overlap or extra space. The extra space or overlap just results in trauma and the potential for injury or infection. When sutures or stitches are tied too tight, it can result in pulling of vital structures inside.

Even though stitches, sutures, and staples are basic parts of healthcare, they can result in serious injuries which require more than basic treatment. These can even be deadly and cause permanent disability. This results in medical malpractice.

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