Happy Independence Day! But Don’t Forget About Our Freedom Earned, And Our Freedom For Victims Of Medical Malpractice To Receive Compensation For Their Injuries


Independence Day means a lot more than BBQs and fireworks.  It demonstrates the trials and tribulations of our Nation.  Our fight for freedom and independence.  Our fight for the American way.  It is a testament to our innate soul.  To our military’s dedication.  And to the will of our people to fight for ourselves and our rights.

This Independence Day has a certain special meaning to some of us.  Particularly victims of medical malpractice.  There i a federal bill trying to cap the pain and suffering that victims of medical malpractice can recover in a court.  This is lumped into the new healthcare act as one of the large costs.  People think that by reforming medical malpractice laws to cap what victims can get will lower healthcare costs.

They are wrong.

Medical liability costs are only 2.4% of healthcare costs according to research.  Of these costs, the majority of it is just defending the actions—not necessarily paying out in settlements and verdicts!  This cost of defending the actions will always be there, no matter what the cap is.

These bills just harm victims of medical malpractice and limit their liability.  The current federal bill is attempting to cut liability to just $250,000.  Last week I reported on a case that a victim had a diseased testicle and surgeons operated and removed his only healthy one.  That means that he is no infertile due to medical errors.  A jury gave him $620,000.

The new bill would lower that to $250,000 for the doctor’s mistake rendering him infertile forever.

This is a horrible mistake and the victim should not be further harmed by the legislature cutting corners.  This extra $370,000 is not the cause of increasing healthcare costs.

We don’t need to reform the law, we need to reform the practice of medicine to prevent mistakes from this.  We need to reform greedy insurance policies.  We don’t need to harm victims.

After all, if a bank robber takes $620,000 from a bank, we don’t let him keep $370,000 if we catch him.  He is liable for everything!

Even think of other personal injury cases.  Car accident far outnumber medical malpractice.  Yet we aren’t reforming car insurance laws—which are actually mandatory in almost all states too.  If a negligent driver harms someone for $620,000, we don’t reduce the verdict to $250,000.  Why are we doing this for doctors?

Think carefully about your Independence today formed by our Nation of leaders, warriors, and citizens.  This country came from nothing and rose up greatly, fighting adversity FOR OUR RIGHTS.  We cannot now, as a civilized society, start to take away our rights.