Infections Are Deadly, Especially Ones Given By Your Negligent Doctor


People go to the hospital to receive treatment and get better.  It is the professional responsibility of doctors, nurses, and medical technicians to provide the patients admitted to health care facilities with a clean and safe hospital environment.  Infection used to be considered a risk that was unavoidable when a person was hospitalized.  However, studies have shown that the rate of hospital acquired infection can be reduced if medical professionals and hospital staff use reasonable care to ensure cleanliness and enforce policies to promote conditions that are sanitary.

Hospital acquired infections can be avoided if proper sanitation procedures are followed by hospital and medical professionals.  Infections can be transferred from infected person to doorknobs, others surfaces, medical tools, and the hands of medical professionals.  The implementation of proper sterilization of medical instruments, ensuring that hospital staff washes their hands, using antiseptic solutions liberally, and separating infected patients from other patients who do not have infectious conditions can have a significant impact on who develops a hospital acquired infection.

Patients with weakened immune systems or open wounds have a higher risk for acquiring an infection at a hospital.  The elderly, patients on medications that suppress the immune system, people who have suffered injuries that broke the skin, and patients with surgical incisions are more likely develop a hospital acquired infection.  There are special standards of care required when treating these types of patients so they are not infected with virulent and life-threatening bacteria.

If medical professionals or hospital staff do not meet these standards of care, patients could end up infected with MRSA or another type of bacteria.  Under New York law, patients infected with a hospital acquired infection are entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering.  If you or a loved one has contracted a hospital acquired infection, contact an experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorney to evaluate your case.

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