Injuries From Misdiagnosed Heart Attacks: What Is Fatal, What Is Permanent

Heart Attack Misdiagnosis

When a heart attack is misdiagnosed, a victim is in serious trouble. This is because a heart attack is a serious medical emergency. When a victim is not properly taken care of when he or she is experiencing a heart attack, it can result in a permanent injury and a wrongful death in New York.

Some common injuries caused by a misdiagnosed heart attack include the following:

Abnormal heartbeat – this is when the heart beats out of normal sync which can mean blood is not properly distributed throughout the heart and throughout the body. Different chambers could be pumping out of sync which can result in stagnant blood or even clots in the heart. This is a very serious issue.

Heart failure – this is when the heart has to pump too hard for too long just to keep up with the demand for oxygen because the heart is not working efficiently. This means that the heart will just end up stopping because it is overworked.

Heart valve failure – stress from a heart attack can result in damage to the valved where the heart pumps blood out of the heart and into the vessels to carry them throughout the body. This is a very important juncture, and when it is damaged even slightly it can cause leaking, swelling, and other damage to the area.

Ruptures – a heart attack that is not diagnosed can result in damage to the walls. Damage to the heart walls makes them weaker. But the heart is a high-pressured chamber. Given the high pressure and force of the blood being ejected out of the heart and into the body, if part of the heart is weak it will result in a rupture. A rupture is almost always fatal.

When medical providers fall to properly treat a victim suffering a heart attack, it can result in very serious New York medical malpractice which seriously injures or killed a victim.