Injuries To Your Eyes Due To A Doctor? Find Out About Liability Below!


The vision of hundreds of thousands of people each year is improved by eye surgery.  However, these types of procedures can be very risky.  Serious harm can result when doctors make errors during eye surgery or talk patients into a surgery that is unnecessary.

The doctors who perform eye surgery are required to follow very strict professional standards when it comes to whether a surgery is appropriate to recommend for their patients.  There are also strict standards for the procedures the doctor needs to follow during surgery.

Failure to follow those standards may result in injury to their patient.  As a result the doctor who performed the surgery may be held accountable for medical malpractice.  Examples of the major types of eye surgery that can result in a medical malpractice claim include:

  • Lasik Eye Surgery: When performed incorrectly, the side effects of laser refractive eye surgery can include reduced vision and dry eye syndrome.
  • Cataract Surgery: When cataract surgery is incorrectly performed, patients can potentially contract an infection or other complications.  The patient’s vision may not improve and it is possible that it could even get worse.
  • Glaucoma Surgery: When glaucoma surgery is improperly performed, the consequences can include hemorrhaging and loss of vision.  If glaucoma was misdiagnosed in the first place patients may end up unnecessarily undergoing this risk surgery.

Causes of Medical Malpractice

Two of the common causes of medical malpractice that involves laser and Lasik eye surgery include:

  • Failing to Properly Screen Candidates – There are some people who are not safe candidates for corrective eye surgery.  If the patient’s corneas are too peaked for safe and productive surgery, serious vision problems can result.
  • Entering the Wrong Measurements – During the Lasik process, the doctor takes measurements of parts of the eye and those measurements are entered into sophisticated medical machinery.  If incorrect measurements are entered, catastrophic eye damage can result.

If you or a loved one has suffered an eye related injury as the result of medical malpractice, it is important to consult with an experienced Kingston, New York medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to discuss any potential claim you may have.

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