Lavern’s Law Still Not Delivered To Governor, Lobbyists Still Want It Vetoed


Lavern’s Law passed both the New York State Assembly and Senate in June of this year.  It was previously supported by Governor Cuomo who helped get it pushed through the New York Legislature.  However, it hasn’t been signed by Governor Cuomo yet.  In fact, it hasn’t even been DELIVERED to Governor Cuomo yet.


The honest answer is i’m not too sure.  But bills that have passed both houses in the New York Legislature need to get packaged up and presented to the Governor for signature—it is not automatic.  This means that the original sponsor and house which passed the bill first will have to prepare it for signature.  They would include the legislature history and discussions, letters in opposition or support, memos and hearing findings, and other doctors known as the bill jacket, or extraneous documents that help demonstrate the intent of the Legislature in passing the bill.

Hopefully the bill will be set to the Governor and signed quickly.  People rights are disappearing every day it is not signed.  If this is not done soon, generally the bill will jut wait until December and then be sent to the Governor in a cluster of bills.

But that does not stop doctors, insurance companies, and lobbyists from trying to veto the bill!  In fact, there is heavy opposition for this bill to get it vetoed because it would cost doctors and insurance companies more money if people could sue for longer for a doctor’s mistake.  Well, that is true because it would allow the statute of limitations to run longer.  But what is also true is that it would only cost them more money because victims will get their RIGHTS back!  Victims right now don’t have a chance to commence a lawsuit and don’t have those rights—shouldn’t they?  Of course!  Don’t veto the law, veto the bad medicine!