Lavern’s Law Still Not Delivered To The Governor: Victims Are Losing Claims Each Day It Doesn’t Get Signed


Even Though Lavern’s Law has been passed by both the Assembly and the Senate, thus the Legislature in New York, Lavern’s Law hasn’t been signed by Governor Cuomo yet.  The law was signed on June 21, 2017, giving Governor Cuomo only 30 days to sign or it would be automatically vetoed.


Not exactly.

The bill still hasn’t been presented to Governor Cuomo for Signature.  This is very important because the Governor’s time to sign does not start until he is presented with the bill.  This is great news for victims of cancer misdiagnosis cases who are awaiting this opportunity to protect their rights but still do not have the Governor’s approval yet.

Since the Legislature is out of session, Lavern’s Law may not be sent to the Governor for some time now.  Generally, when the Legislature comes back into session they will prepare bills to be sent.  Other times all of the bills that passed both houses will be sent at the end of the year in December for them to all be signed in a group.

It is unclear how Lavern’s Law will proceed.  But it is just true that victims of medical malpractice are losing their rights every day the Legislature does not send the bill to Governor Cuomo to sign.  Victims are losing claims to the statute of limitations each day this is delayed.