Strong Link Between Fibromyalgia And Suicide

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Do you suffer from chronic, unexplainable pain? Has your doctor diagnosed you with Fibromyalgia? You may be at an increased risk of suicide, liver disease, and stroke. According to Danish researchers, a new study of death rates of women diagnosed with Fibromyalgia revealed that women diagnosed with this condition were ten times more likely to commit suicide than those not diagnosed with the condition. They also found a “higher than average” risk of death from liver disease and strokes.

Doctors differ in their opinions of why suicide rates may be higher in those diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Some physicians assert that Fibromyalgia is really a manifestation of psychiatric conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and mood disorders. Others assert that the great pain associated with Fibromyaligia may lead those diagnosed to commit suicide in order to end the pain. Still others argue that the medications prescribed for the condition may be leading to an increased suicidal risk in these patients.

The researchers and physicians are not sure why patients with Fibromyalgia may be at a higher risk for liver disease and stroke. However, some say that research shows that patients with Fibromyaligia tend to be of greater weight, and exercise less due to the chronic pain that they suffer. This may lead to an increase in liver and heart disease.

Whatever the reason, this study should send a strong message to physicians with patients diagnosed with Fibromyalgia to evaluate their patients for pre-existing psychiatric conditions, to ask their patients regularly whether they having thoughts of suicide, and to monitor their condition carefully. They also need to monitor their patients’ liver functions, and to encourage their patients to exercise as much as possible.

If you have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, don’t rely on your doctor alone to monitor your condition. If you are having thoughts of suicide, or severe depression, consult your doctor right away. Make sure that you and your doctor evaluate the suicide risks in any medications that you are taking, and don’t be afraid to go to a friend if you are feeling sad. There have been great strides made in Fibromyalgia treatment in recent years. There are treatments that can help ease the effects you feel, and you never have to suffer alone.