Lobbying Groups Want Lavern’s Law Vetoed Because It Gives Victims Rights–You Should Be Outraged


Business groups and medical professional groups are pressing Governor Cuomo to veto Lavern’s Law.  The organization is of 30,000 licensed physicians, medical residents, and medical students who oppose Lavern’s Law.  They argue that it would drive medical professionals to practice in other statues because there are huge liability costs are compared to other states.  Insurance, they claim, will go through the roof.

How ridiculous.

According to research, medical malpractice lawsuits are only 2.4% of healthcare costs.  Of this, less then 1% are actual payouts.  The remaining are the costs of lawsuits and defense, which will be present no matter what you do—add a cap or lower the statute of limitations.

Other studies have found that, of payouts, virtually ALL are paid on meritorious claims.  Whereas the cases that plaintiffs lose are mostly without merit or iffy liability, except for a good chuck which ARE meritorious.  That is, more people lose who have real claims then people win who have bogus claims.

The long and short?  Victims are winner cases victims should win, and fakers are losing cases they shouldn’t.

The remedy?

Not to make it harder to commence a lawsuit!  Not to limit the liability!  Not to reform the law.

Reform medicine instead.

While not all doctors are this way, most are entitled, pretentious, and pompous.  They think they are g-d, and they don’t make mistakes.

But like all other people, including lawyers, engineers, teachers, nurses, bankers, realtors, and you name it, we all make mistakes.  Even computers make mistakes.  Doctors can’t?

It is time for doctors, who spend upwards to ten years or more in training and education, to own up to their mistakes.  If everyone else in the world can be liable for negligence—except the weatherman who is almost always wrong!—why should doctors get special rules?

Let’s not pretend like most doctors don’t already make significant more than most people—look at any income highest earners list and it is littered with medical professionals.  If doctor’s want the benefit of earning all that cash, they will have to take responsibility for their mistakes and pay more for insurance.  Because when they hurt a hard working, blue-collar American—the backbone of our country—that worker may not be able to pay for his or her medical bills, lost wages, lost income, damages, and pain and suffering.

Take a step back—it is the rich lobbying to keep the rich, rich.  Doctors need to be responsible for their mistakes.

Get Lavern’s Law delivered to Governor Cuomo already, and Mr. Governor it is expected you will sign it immediately to protect patients’ rights in New York.