Lobbyists Want Lavern’s Law Vetoed To Protect The Bottom Line Of Doctors And Insurance Companies


Lavern’s Law passed both the New York Assembly and Senate.  It was passed in the name and honor of Lavern Wilkinson, a victim of New York medical malpractice who had a curable cancer misdiagnosed.  As a result, she passed away due to her treatable illness.  However,  she had no remedy in court because the statute of limitations to commence an action had expired.  Lavern’s Law extends the time for victims of cancer misdiagnose cases to commence an action.  It has yet to be delivered to Governor Cuomo for his signature.  He previously supported and praised the bill, but has been silent since it passed in the New York Legislature.

During this waiting period, however, businesses, insurance companies, doctors, and lobbyists for them all have been very vocal trying to get Lavern’s Law vetoed or not signed.


  • Because it allows doctors to hide from their mistakes.
  • Because it allows insurance companies to not pay for their insured’s mistakes, even though they pay premiums.
  • Because it allows businesses to afford paying for its hiring and training mistakes.
  • Because it allows healthcare providers to make serious mistakes but not be liable for them.

And because it prevents victims from suing them.  From collecting money.  From tarnishing the hard-earned medical degrees, fat insurance paychecks, and scraping at the bottom line.

It is sickening—isn’t it?

These doctors, insurance companies, and businesses would rather hurt patients and then hide to get away with their mistakes, as opposed to face their mistakes, accept the consequences, and move on.  Didn’t we learn this lesson in grade school?  Does medical school wipe that education away?

Victims are being seriously harmed and killed by preventable mistakes.  The lobbyists are just harming us all by not holding the defendants negligent.  The same problem is true of the medical malpractice cap.  The law should not be reformed to harm victims, but medicine be reformed to help victims.  This is a simply concept.

The doctors, businesses, and insurance companies, along with their lobbyists, should be ashamed of themselves.  Get better at your profession or get out of the business, but don’t hide from your mistakes.  Lavern’s Law needs to get signed to fight back.