Medical Malpractice Can Cause A Lot Of Different Damages, All Which Can Be Compensated In A Lawsuit

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Medical malpractice can really cause significant pain and suffering to a victim. The physical trauma can be catastrophic and result in a long road to recovery. Permanent injuries are possible and usually common. Healing can take a prolonged period of time, and may even mean more surgeries and medical procedures that will extend the recovery time. This can result in many days of pain and suffering in healing from the surgeries or procedures, undergoing many tests, and going through physical therapy. Emotionally, after a healthcare provider makes a mistake, the last thing a victim wants to do is undergo more procedures with more healthcare providers.

Due to all of the extra procedures, surgeries, and treatment, an injury caused by medical malpractice can result in a significant amount of medical bills. After all, healthcare is very expensive. This is particularly true when the healthcare is negligent and causes devastating injuries. This just adds to more expenses for additional treatment, medication, and other therapy.

In addition to the physical pain and suffering, medical malpractice can cause a victim to miss a significant number of days from work. This can result in less income which makes paying for medical bill more difficult. Depending on the injury caused by the medical malpractice, the victim may be unable to return to his or her work. This means that he or she may have to take a job that pays less and makes paying bills and the medical expenses more difficult to do. The financial burden does not just effect the victim, but also the entire family.

The Harms in a Medical Malpractice Case Allow for Damages

Because of the serious physical, emotional, and financial issues medical malpractice can cause a victim, a victim may seek a wide range of damages and compensation. This includes the following types of compensation:

  • Physical past pain and suffering;
  • Physical future pain and suffering;
  • Emotional past pain and suffering;
  • Emotional future pain and suffering;
  • Medical bills;
  • Future medical expenses and bills;
  • Lost wages;
  • Lost earning capacity;
  • Medical expenses and supplies;
  • Future medical expenses and supplies;
  • Loss of consortium of spouse;
  • Loss of services to dependents, including spouse, children, and elderly family; and
  • All other damages.

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