Medical Malpractice Caps Are Bad For Victims, And Only Good For Corporate America And Insurance Companies


Medical malpractice lawsuits are not for fun.  They are not get rich schemes.  Medical malpractice lawyers do not just sue doctors for fun.  Medical malpractice lawsuits are about compensating victims of medical malpractice.  About trying to make whole victims who have had their bodies violated by the negligence of a healthcare provider.  It is not about making money or to retire early—for the victim or the lawyer.

This is why federal bills to limit medical malpractice are ridiculous.

Take for example the case last week in Pennsylvania when a man was awarded $620,000 for pain and suffering in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  He had a painful, atrophied testicle which was essentially dead and rotting inside of him.  He underwent surgery where the surgeon removed his only healthy testicle, leaving the dead one inside of him.  The result?  The man can no longer have children, underwent an unnecessary surgery, and is scarred for the rest of his life.

If the federal bill comes into law it would limited that man to just $250,000.  That is $250,000 for the loss of the ability to have children.

Why are we affecting victims by capping their rights?  There is no other area of law where we do this.

We need to reform the HEALTHCARE system and not legal system.  The federal bill is just rewarding doctors by limiting their liability.


If a bank robber steals $650,000 from a corporation but is arrested later, do we cap what he could be liable for and let him keep $400,000?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

If we default on our $650,000 house and not pay our mortgage, does a bank let us keep $400,000 of it?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.

So why are we letting doctors get away with this?  Why are we letting victims like the corporation or the mortgage company be fully compensated, but victims of medical malpractice be harmed?  After all, isn’t a person’s BODY and HEALTH more important than a corporation’s money or a bank’s mortgage?

YES—it should be!

But like the corporations and banks, medical professionals are protected by LOBBYISTS!  They are people paid to petition on behalf of the big corporations, banks, and medical professionals.  They have all the money to repress everyone else in society.  That is why victims of medical malpractice need lawyers—their Robin Hoods—to protect their rights when they have been wronged.

Medical malpractice caps are HORRIBLE ideas.  As a medical malpractice lawyer, I will stop suing healthcare providers, offices, and hospitals when they stop making mistakes and harming victims.