Medical Malpractice Cases Need Attorneys


When a person has been harmed by another person’s actions, they are often placed in a difficult position.  They may have accumulated costly medical bills, they may have lost income from missing work, and they may now be suffering from serious and debilitating health concerns leading to significant changes to their lifestyle or even threats to their lives.  Victims may not know how they can get the relief they need.

The legal system can be extremely complicated.  However, a significant number of people fear the expense of hiring an attorney.  Citizens in New York have the right to represent themselves in court.  Though, if the case is complex this could be a serious mistake.

When faced with a complicated medical malpractice case, victims should consult an experienced New York medical malpractice attorney to evaluate their options and determine how to proceed.  Attorneys in most cases know that victims of accidents do not have the means to hire an attorney to handle the complex litigation.  This is why many attorneys will enter into a contingency agreement where the attorney will receive a percentage of the amount of damages awarded.

One of the reasons medical malpractice cases can be so complex it that when the errors of the doctor result in an injury or worsened symptoms, it is not always clear how and what happened.  This makes it difficult to prove a case to a jury.  If the case goes to litigation, extensive legal research may be required.  Additionally, the services of an expert in the medical field may be necessary to assess the situation and possibly testify in court.

An attorney with experience can help the victims of medical malpractice go through the process of fling the complaint, make motions, go through discovery of evidence, negotiate a settlement, or go to trial if necessary.  Considering the high stakes of a medical malpractice lawsuit, hiring a professional can be the difference between a favorable and unfavorable outcome.

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