Medical Malpractice Caused By EMS And Paramedics

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

New York medical malpractice cases can take many forms. Cases can be against doctors, which is what we traditionally think of when we hear a medical malpractice case. Cases can also be against hospitals and medical offices, which is also another common thought when we think of New York medical malpractice. Even dentists and dental hygienists are a common thought of New York medical malpractice.

But when is not common is EMS, paramedic, and ambulance medical malpractice. This is simply not what we think of when we were medical malpractice. And it really should be. These are healthcare providers. If these staff make mistakes, it can absolutely be medical malpractice and cause serious personal injuries or even death to a patient.

There are a few different types of EMS and paramedic medical malpractice. First are the types of medical errors caused by the act of caring and treating conditions. This could be due to medical errors such as improperly performing a procedure, providing the wrong medication, or moving a patient with serious neck or back injuries. These are errors caused by an affirmative act.

The second type of medical errors caused by an EMS or paramedic is an omission or failure to act. That could be failing to diagnose a condition such as a heart attack, or letting a patient go without transporting to the hospital when medical treatment is clearly needed. This could be failing to give a medication which is necessary to save the patient’s life.

The third type of medical malpractice is actually miscommunication between staff in the ambulance or from the ambulance to the emergency department. If a patient has the tell-tale signs of a stroke when the ambulance transports the patient to the hospital, but the EMS staff fails to tell the hospital of their findings and believe, this lack of communication or miscommunication can be medical malpractice. Communication errors are one of the most common causes of medical malpractice, and this is no different.

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