Medical Malpractice Causing Nerve Damage

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

The list of nerves contained within the human body is too long to list here; it is enough to know that they reach into every part of the human body.  Nerves collect information about what is happening to the body, transmits that information to the brain, and then the brain sends information back though the body telling it what to do.  Being burned is a good example of the process; the nerves detect the sensation and the brain responds by telling muscles to retract the body from the heat source.

When nerves are damaged, the body may not be able to detect these things; bodily functioning will be lost as well.  The experienced Kingston medical malpractice attorney understands that nerve damage can be minor all the up to debilitating.

For example, minor nerve damage may result in a temporary tingling sensation.  On the other hand, death or paralysis may occur when nerves are damaged.  Sporting accidents, car accidents, falls from elevated places, and other accidents can all lead to nerve damage.  But another and less frequently thought about cause of nerve damage is from medical malpractice.

Most medical mistakes are preventable.  Errors during surgery, anesthesia mistakes, birthing injuries, and diagnostic errors do not need to happen and they can often lead to nerve damage.  The medical professional that which treated the injured patient can be held accountable for the patient’s nerve damage if the damage was the result of negligence.

While surgery has its risks, negligence is never an acceptable risk of surgery.  One expects the treating medical professionals to do their jobs just as well as would other medical professionals in the area that practice the same sort of medicine.

Unfortunately, back surgeries, spinal surgeries, cosmetic surgeries, oral procedures, and many other types of medical procedures are performed horribly wrong and cause the patient to suffer nerve damage.

Such damage can cause the patient to experience death, cardiac arrest, full or partial paralysis, acute pain, lost mobility, just to name a few injuries.  Some of these injuries may be temporary and the patient may fully recover in time.  Other times, the patient will never return to way he or she was before the doctor’s negligence.

When a doctor’s negligence causes a patient to experience nerve damage, the victim can expect to be compensated.  Such compensation will most likely require the patient to sue the doctor.  Medical malpractice law suits can compensate the victim for lost wages, pain and suffering, medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost earning potential, among other things.  The family of a patient killed by negligently caused nerve damage also has rights and they too can be compensated for their losses.

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