Medical Malpractice Failure To Diagnose Cases


When parents welcome their children into this world, there are almost always thoughts of how the child will be when it is older.  Nothing but the best is wanted; a happy, healthy, and prosperous life.  Unfortunately this does not always happen.

People die too young sometimes.  Other times they live too long with pain and suffering.  Their quality of life is just not what it should be.  We all know of people that have suffered with a disease or ailment that caused them to lead a less than ideal existence.

In some instances, this is simply because of being the victim of an unfortunate disease or suffering from an unfortunate accident.  The experience of this Kingston medical malpractice attorney has proven that medical malpractice can actually be the cause of some people’s pain, suffering, and death.

Many diseases cannot be prevented; take breast cancer for example.  Some injuries are just accidental; take breaking a leg while sliding into third base for example.

With that said, doctors and other medical professionals are charged with properly diagnosing and treating diseases and injuries.  Timely treatment, early diagnoses and intervention are the best ways to return a patient to his or her normal condition.  But even the simplest things are missed by doctors when they should not have been missed.

For example, interviewing the patient, reviewing past medical records, getting a family history is forgotten and the patient suffers as a result.  Many patients have been injured by medications that should not have been prescribed because of conflicts with other medications; only if the doctor reviewed the patient’s medication list, the patient would not have been hurt.

Basic tests such as blood pressure, cholesterol measurements, and blood tests can and have been negligently omitted by doctors.

Even failing to place a patient in the hospital and or discharging a patient from the hospital too early can be a matter of medical malpractice.

The bottom line is, medical professionals should follow the standards set by the profession, hospital protocols, not move too quickly, follow orders, and the like.  If a diagnosis is missed that would not have been missed by any other doctor under the same circumstances, the offending doctor may be the perpetrator of medical malpractice.

Victims of medical malpractice are protected by New York laws and have the right to sue the bad doctor in order to receive compensation.

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