Medical Malpractice In The Month Of July Is The Highest; WHY?


July first means Independence day is right around the corner.  Summer is in full swing.  Many people are going away or preparing to go away for the holidays.  The spring real estate market has ended and the summer moving period now that kids are out of school is also happening.

But this also means that new fledgling residents and interns have left the roost of medical school and are starting their first day of work today.  Teaching hospitals all across the country have been invaded by these interns and residents ready for their first hack at treating patients.

What does this mean to a patient?

That you are likely to become a victim!

Any professional that is inexperienced will take longer, make more mistakes, and cause damage.  That is simply of any professional.  Unfortunately.  But when that profession is about your health and safety, these can cause permanent damage and pain and suffering.

Delays in diagnosis can obviously result in serious injuries and damage.  If heart attacks are not diagnosed they can kill a patient.  Delays in diagnosing a stroke can also be similarly fatal.  Even failing to timely diagnose infections can result in serious injuries because an infection can be allowed to fester and become a wide-spread infection or sepsis.  If this happens it can be fatal.

Inexperienced healthcare providers can also use many mistakes.  There are studies that have found that in July there are significant medical errors involving medication mistakes, prescription errors, and other mix ups.  This can be caused by dosing and other administering errors.

This increased amount of medical malpractice caused by new healthcare professionals is known as the “July Effect.”  It is real and a very serious problem.  If you or a loved one are heart in July by a healthcare professional, you need to call for legal support.