Medication Errors Result In Serious Personal Injuries And Are New York Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

One type of New York medical malpractice that most people do not immediately think of is medication errors. This can be caused by the doctor or the pharmacist, but also by those administering the medication such as the nurses or other staff. What makes medication errors so dangerous is that they are a controlled substance and used to purposely create a reaction or to purposely do something. When it is done wrong, the drug will still cause a reaction.

Some types of medication errors include the wrong prescription. This could be a filling error, such as when the pharmacist mistakenly puts the wrong medication in the bottle or in the pills. Or this could be getting patients mixed up and giving them a patient someone else’s prescription. This could be very dangerous, resulting in serious health complications.

Another common medication error is failing to recognize drug interactions or allergies. This can easily be fatal or cause permanent damage to a person. The worst part of these type of medical malpractice is that it is usually always preventable and avoidable by simply checking the drug interactions. In fact, there are computer programs which check for drug interactions and ensure that there are no allergies or interactions with anything else the patient is taking.

Medication errors usually cause life-threatening interactions or are more likely to cause permanent injuries when the victim of this medical malpractice is an elderly patient or young patient. These types of victims are more likely to suffer serious personal injuries because their bodies are more vulnerable to the strong effects of medications.

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