Monday Miscommunications And New York Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Multiple studies have found that the most common cause of medical malpractice is miscommunication. This can be between doctors, between nurses, between other staff, or between the healthcare providers and the patient. When communication is lacking, it can result in serious personal injuries to the patient which can make him or her a victim of medical malpractice.

It is also well known that, during the weekend, most hospitals and healthcare facilities have what is known as a skeleton crew. This is the bare bones crew used to cover emergencies and treat already admitted patients. The care and treatment here is just enough to keep status quo and deal with some emergencies.

Unfortunately, people get hurt all hours and all days of the week. This obviously includes weekends, where more people are out and about and more likely to get serious injured in accidents requiring attention.

Generally, hospital workers have weekends on but then are off Monday. A new, and fresh staff comes in on Monday. This means that the weekend staff needs to effectively communicate the condition of the patients and the needs of the patients on Monday. This is particularly important in the emergency room or with patients who are recovering from serious injuries or illnesses such as stroke, heart attack, appendectomies, and other surgeries.

This may sound like a basic issue and maybe even a silly scenario, but it is a REAL scenario! Many providers document their conduct late, or not at all, and when they do it may not be in the best form or as detailed as necessary to assist others coming in. Further, when the shift changes nurses go over every patient. In a busy shift, providers may not properly explain what is and is not needed by all patients and it can result in mistreatment, delay in care, and even neglecting the care. This can lead to serious personal injuries and even death.