New Option To Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

Cancer Misdiagnosis

For those at high risk for breast cancer, annual mammograms are a must. But did you know that a new medication can cut your risk of developing breast cancer in half? That’s right, according to a new study.

Pfizer’s new drug, Aromasin, cuts the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half, without the side effects that have curbed the use of other prevention drugs. Hormone-blocking pills, called aromatase in inhibitors, are used to prevent recurrences in breast cancer patients who are past menopause and doctors suspect they prevent new cases of breast cancer too.

The prevention study involved 4,560 women from the U.S., Canada, Spain and France. All of the test subjects had at least one risk factor for breast cancer–being 60 or older, a prior breast abnormality or pre-invasive cancer, or a high score on a scale that takes into account family history of breast cancer. The women were given daily doses of Aromasin and others were given placebos, or “dummy pills”. Over the course of the three-year study, there were only 11 cases of invasive breast cancer for those women who took Aromasin compared to 32 of the women who took the placebos. That worked out to a 65 percent reduction in the risk of breast cancer for those on the drug, Aromasin.

The prevention drug, Aromasin, is not recommended for women at average risk for breast cancer. However, the drug is recommended for women at high risk of breast cancer because of gene mutations (BRAC). This breast cancer prevention drug is considered safer than other hormone-blocking pills because those drugs carry the risk of uterine cancer, blood clots, and other problems.

If you have a family member at high risk of breast cancer, or if you want more information or have questions, consult a dedicated attorney right away.