New York Medical Malpractice And Nerve Injuries

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Nerves are vital structures in the body. They provide sensation, such as hot and cold, wet or dry, and pressure. Nerves also provide movement, known as motor nerves, which help contract muscles to make parts of our bodies move and function. Nerves originate from the spinal cord which is encased in our vertebral column and plug into our brain. The signals from nerves go from our extremities and body part to the spinal cord and to the brain, where our brain interprets the signals the nerves are sending.

But unlike many other structures in our body which are versatile and healing, nerves do not regenerate and heal well. It is common for injured nerves to suffer a neuroma, which is a tumor caused by trauma. This can impede on the transfer of signals. Nerves can also remain damaged permanently and will very rarely mend themselves together. This can result in numbness, loss of sensation, and loss of ability to move. This is why nerve injuries are very serious and incredibly devastating to a victim who has nerve injuries.

Medical malpractice, like other types of personal injury cases, can result in nerve injuries. When this occurs, it is very rare for the nerves to be completely fixed. While caught early there are some surgeries which could help to fix injuries and damages to nerves, this does not always fix the complete damage.

There are some common instances of nerve injuries which are caused by New York medical malpractice. These include the following causes:
Nerve block injections;
IV line insertion;
Surgical incisions;
Extremity position during a surgery;
Broken tools in a surgery;
Medication errors causing neuropathy;
Improper injections;
Excessive manipulation during surgical procedures;
Improper insertion of painful hardware;
Birth injuries such as pulling or violent extractions of the baby;
Pulling/holding ope a wound improperly; and
Other types of procedures.

Nerve injuries need to be compensated because it can result in debilitating and permanent injuries. But the problem with nerve injuries is that they can be hard to prove. This can make cases harder and less likely to be successful. This is why you need an experienced medical malpractice attorney to assist you with your case.

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