New York Medical Malpractice In Emergency Departments


We all know that hospitals are very busy places. This can be no truer than in emergency rooms or emergency departments which are the workhorse of all hospitals. These places are literally revolving doors accepting any patient off the street to help them in a medical emergency. It does not matter if it is a car accident, gunshot, heart attack, or allergic reaction, the healthcare professionals in an emergency department will treat to attempt to treat those patients.

But sometimes the treatment is not done properly, there are misdiagnoses, or even missed diagnoses. This can result in medical malpractice, even in the rapid succession and amount of time that patients are being treated. Just because it is an emergency does not let negligent healthcare providers off the hook. It will, however, lower the standard of care slightly to that of another emergency department physician—not another physician who has all of the time to treat the patient.

This can make the lawsuit more challenging as the standard is more favorable to the healthcare provider. This requires a more experienced and knowledgable New York medical malpractice attorney because victims of emergency room malpractice can get compensated for the wrongs against them.

Some common wrongs are misdiagnosed conditions, such as heart attacks. These can quickly become fatal and result in debilitating and permanent conditions. Another common wrong in an emergency department which can result in medical malpractice is early discharge of any condition. This can result in a second admission and usually permanent damage to a patient. Additionally, infections are commonly missed in emergency rooms and can result in sepsis which is hard to treat and can result in a horrific and painful death.

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