North Dakota’s Medical Malpractice Cap Is Being Attacked To Give Victim’s Rights Again


Medical malpractice caps are horrible.  Innocent victims have their rights to compensation taken away.  There is no other arena when this happens.  If a robber steals $650,000 and gets caught, but there is a cap of $250,000, does he get to give $400,000 back and keep $250,000?  NO!  So why do we let doctors who get caught with a $650,000 verdict why does the victim have to pay $400,000 back?  This makes no sense!

North Dakota has a medical malpractice gap of $500,000.  This is being challenged by a North Dakota woman who was rendered permanently disabled after a surgery.  She was awarded $3.5 million by a jury of her peers who clearly thought she was seriously wronged by the doctor.  She underwent a routine biopsy which ended up causing a stroke, which the cardiac and thoracic surgeon were found to have been very negligent.

But now with the medical malpractice cap, she won’t receive almost all of that money.

She is permanently disabled.  But won’t get the money from the doctors that clearly made massive mistakes in her treatment and care.  This is horrible and I hope, like the other states, that she gets her rights back and gets compensation for her loss.