Study Finds Nose Reconstructive Surgeries Have High Rate Of Infection With Certain Plastic Implant; Liability?

Infections, Surgery

Going under any surgical procedure is physically and emotionally difficult. In addition, financially it can be difficult as well. Particularly when the surgery is a nose reconstruction, because it is the front and center focal point of your face, you want everything to work out perfectly and there to be no complications.

However, in nose reconstructions using Medpor, a product made from a porous, high-density polyethylene, has caused many people who received nose reconstructions great angst. That is because approximately 20% of all nose reconstructions using Medpor resulted in an infection, some quite severe. That is, one in FIVE surgeries resulted in an infection in the middle of the patient’s face that needed addition medical attention!

That is horrible! Would you ever go into a surgery—in the middle of your face—if you knew it had a 20% chance to cause you an infection? To cause you more harm? To result in more surgeries? To potentially cause scars and disfigurement?

There are some alternatives to using this implant, such as using a patient’s own tissue through a graft. But sometimes that is not always an option, and alternatives such as Medpor. And these surgeries are not just a nose job—for cosmetic purposes. These surgeries could be after broken noses, deviated septum’s, or other damage done to the nose that needs replacement. Therefore, it is essential that patients are safe with these surgeries.

But what do you think? Frankly, I am scared if I ever need to get ANY kind of surgery or undergo a procedure that has a 20% chance to cause an infection. I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment or I also welcome your phone call on my toll-free cell at 1-866-889-6882 or you can drop me an e-mail at . You are always welcome to request my FREE book, The Seven Deadly Mistakes of Malpractice Victims, at the home page of my website at