Nutrition Will Affect Your Child’s Brain

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There are several essential aspects of your child’s nutrition that you must be aware of. Iron and omega-3 are two key nutrients. A new study looked into the effects of these nutrients on children.

Iron is the most common nutrient missing for most people, both adults and children. Approximately, two billion people worldwide suffer from an iron deficiency. So, clearly, iron deficiencies are a pretty common issue, however, iron is an essential nutrient that everyone needs including your child. A good iron count allows your body to properly carry oxygen throughout your body. If you have a very low level of iron in your body, you are suffering from anemia. Anemia causes fatigue and has been proven to create problems with a person’s memory and concentration. Omega-3 nutrients

Recently, a study of followed 321 children living in Africa, ages six to eleven years old, which were deficient in iron for eight months. The study introduced iron supplements to some children and omega-3 supplements to others in order to hopefully increase their iron count.

The study found that providing children with an iron supplement increased their memory and learning ability test scores. Since, the children were all deficient in iron before the study, and the results were clear. Further, the study found that the improvements were even greater for those children who started the study classified with anemia.

While there was improvement by supplementing iron in these children’s diets, it was found that there was no benefit to the children’s help by introducing a omega-3 supplement. In fact, the children who had anemia when the study began had lower memory test scores. And interestingly, of those children given omega-3 who were not anemic, the boys improved their memory scores while the girl’s scores decreased.

Although, this study was conducted in Africa, it shows the importance of iron in your child’s life. Iron will help your child’s blood flow properly, passing oxygen throughout the whole body. And when oxygen is flowing properly to the brain, your child will have a brain that also works better.

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