OB/GYN Sued For Malpractice After Scorching Patient With A Lipo Laser

Birth Injury

A Bronx woman was severely scorched by a Manhattan OB/GYN during a laser liposuction procedure.  The doctor then tried to stop the victim from going to the hospital to treat the third-degree burns.  The woman underwent the procedure to trim the weight she gained during her pregnancy.  She was left seriously scarred and deformed due to the doctor’s malpractice during the procedure.

The procedure was minimally-invasive and performed only three months after giving birth to her son.  It included inserting a long prong into a patient’s skin to burn the fat cells with a laser.  Many patients prefer this procedure over traditional liposuction since the healing time is shortened.  This procedure is typically performed by cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists.  However, the machines that are used to perform the procedure can be sold to any doctor.

The doctor who performed the surgery on the victim, Dr. Muruga Raj, purchased one of these machines and it included a one-time mandatory training course, which he completed.  During the four-hour procedure, the doctor was interrupted at least once so he could pay for a Chinese food order.

Once the procedure was over, the patient was bandaged and sent home with medication.  However, she returned to the office the next day to complain of agonizing pain and swelling at her stomach and lower back.  She was told that her wounds were not burns and was given cream that she was to apply twice every day.  However, a few days later, the victim was rushed to the hospital after passing out from excruciating pain.  The victim soon left the hospital after speaking to Dr. Raj when he told her that she did not require emergency care and wanted to see her in the office as soon as possible.  At the office, the victim was told she was looking “better” and was given an ointment used to treat the burns.

She then went to get the opinion of another doctor.  That doctor sent her to a hospital to treat her severe burns.  A few days later she underwent skin grafting.  She would be scarred for the rest of her life.

Last month, a Bronx judge found the doctor liable in the medical malpractice suit filed by the woman.  Now the victim’s lawyer is seeking to have the doctor’s license revoked.

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