One Third (1/3) Of Breast Cancer Patients Are Being Treated Unnecessarily!

Cancer Misdiagnosis

Last week I posted about unnecessary treatment and mammograms. Namely that most mammographs were triggering unnecessary treatment which resulted in unnecessary physical, emotional, and financial harm on a patient. These injuries are devastating to a patient when injuries are caused for no reason. That is over treatment and New York medical malpractice.

Now there is a study that has been released that that one third (1/3) of all breast cancer patients are being treated UNNECESSARILY! This is more over treatment and causing more injuries to patients that is unnecessary and devastating to their lives.

Additional studies had found that breast cancer—not benign tumors like the other blog post, but actually cancerous tumors—detected by mammograms results in unnecessary treatment. According to a Danish study, most tumors are slow-growing and essentially harmless and their removal unnecessary. The follow up treatment is also unnecessary and ends up resulting in additional damages such as unnecessary chemotherapy and radiation. Both of these treatments are incredibly destructive to the human body, and are not even necessary which end up causing serious injury.

These studies have been demonstrating the necessity of competent treatment to assess dangerous health conditions. Most of the tumors will shrink and even disappear on their own, even cancerous ones, whereas some will become “deadly monsters.” But the ones that shrink and disappear versus the ones that become monsters are distinguishable upon proper treatment, assessment, and review by a competent healthcare provider.

Thus, healthcare providers cannot make the knee-jerk reaction and order surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy for other instance of a breast tumor. This ends up causing patients additional pain and suffering which is not necessary and even more harmful than just leaving a tumor which would disappear.

Do not get me wrong, mammograms are very important and need to be performed with regularity! This is not a message to advocate against treatment. Rather, this is a message to make sure that, should a diagnosis of a possible cancerous tumor come back, you need to really explore the risks, benefits, and alternatives of surgery. Pressure your doctor to identify the tumor and whether it is a dangerous kind or one that may exist peacefully or even disappear. Unnecessary treatment can result in more damages then needed.

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