Ortho Medical Malpractice Is SERIOUS, PAINFUL, And It Could Even Be PERMANENT!

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

When we break a bone, injure a tendon, or have any other structural injury to our body, we go to an orthopedist. This type of doctor can help diagnose what is wrong and treat the condition. They have been trained in this field and underwent an intense internship and residency working with the structural aspects of a person’s body.

However, like any other type of healthcare professional, they can commit New York medical malpractice. Some common instances of orthopedic malpractice include the following:

  • Surgical errors – many types of bone, tendon, and ligament injuries may require surgery. This can result in rather large or complicated surgeries which can cause significant pain and scarring. When the surgery is performed improperly, it can result to serious injuries, including damaging other structures near the surgical site like nerves, arteries, or veins. The surgery itself could be preformed wrong, and damage other bones nearby or need to be fixed.
  • Failure to diagnose – some orthopedic injuries need to be immediately diagnosed and fixed. For instance, tendon injuries generally need to be repaired within 8 to 14 days before scar tissue forms. Failing to perform the surgery in that timeframe may result in the entire surgery failing, and be medical malpractice.
  • Wrong site surgery – while it sounds like this is from a horror story, this type of medical error still occurs. This is where the patient has a broken left hand, but the surgeon preps and cuts into the right hand for the surgery and then realizes it is the wrong hand. This is medical malpractice.
  • Wrong patient surgery – this is even more from a horror story, and it also occurs a lot. This is where the surgical team mistakenly switches patients and performed the wrong surgeries on the wrong patients. This is horrific medical malpractice and a serious problem.
  • Nerve damage – improperly performed surgeries can cut or severe nerves which is medical malpractice. But also improperly casting an extremity can result in pressure in an improper spot and pinch a nerve, even causing permanent damage.

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