Lawyers Can Take Cases Out Of State To Represent Victims Of Medical Malpractice


Lawyers needs to be licensed in a state to represent a client in that state.  Just how other professional like doctors or nurses also need to be licensed.  This is important because every state has different requirements and different laws which require a special knowledge.  For instance, Florida has very unique homestead rules for property.  Texas has a lot of tax and oil laws.  California more entertainment law.  This is why lawyers need to be licensed in those states.

But lawyers licensed in New York can represent client in other states when admitted pro has vice.  This means that a lawyer can represent a person for this single matter only.  But the out-of-state lawyer must associate with an in-state lawyer.  Meaning, the out-of-state lawyer’s work must be supervised by the in-state lawyer who knows the rules and how the courts work.  This can allow lawyers in some states to represent and help victims in another states and protect their rights.

This can be difficult in different practice areas.  But in medical malpractice it is a little easier because medicine has become universal.  While medical malpractice cases are very, very complicated, the medicine in New York is generally the same as California even though the laws are slightly different.  This means that, generally, it is just as hard to win a medical malpractice case in New York as Alabama.  There may be different procedural rules or statute of limitation rules, but overall the practice of law arguing the medicine and standard of care will be about the same.

So it is possible legally for a lawyer in New York to represent victims of medical injustice in other states.  And the quality of the representation will be the near same too because of the same medicine and standard of care.