Patient Gives Birth, Then Dies! Hospital Failed To Properly Diagnose Her Symptoms!

Birth Injury, Hospitals, Wrongful Death

Here is another sad story reported in the news recently. An out-of-state mother was pregnant and due to give birth very soon. However, she also had liver disease which requires extreme care in certain situations, such as during pregnancy and during operations. This is because your liver is more vulnerable during these types because you are filtering the various cocktails given to you for pain, anesthesia, and antibiotics. Additionally, as I posted a little while ago, during surgeries your kidneys and liver tend to take the brunt of the trauma from an operation.

The patient went into labor, and was brought to the hospital like normal. However, after she gave birth she tragically died two days later.

Her estate brought the lawsuit against the estate claiming they were negligent in their treatment of her liver disease. Specifically, they claim that they failed to accurately treat her very abnormal blood levels immediately before, during, and after labor. They ground this in that the patient already had a child under these same conditions, and there were no such complications because the hospital and treating physician had properly treated her liver disease to ensure she was safe.

Again, this case was just sued and the hospital or staff have not been found liable. However, this is quite scary and sad to see that a newborn and a young child will grow up without a mother all because of condition mismanagement by the hospital staff.

This case also serves to teach a lesson to us. If you know someone about to give birth, ensure the hospital staff is staying on top of any conditions they may have to ensure their—and the baby’s—safety.

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