Patient Injured By Man Posing As Doctor!! Always Check Your Doctor’s Credentials!


This is a SHOCKING story and stresses the importance of knowing who your doctor is before having a surgery done!! We all test out and probe colleges for ourselves or our children or cars that we are thinking of buying; so why not test out and investigate our doctors? More specifically, our surgeons! ALWAYS CHECK! I hope this story is a wakeup call to everyone at the unfortunate expense of another.

A San Francisco man, who has NO medical license, was posing as a doctor and got a woman to agree to a surgery at a dermatology clinic. He told the patient that it was his clinic which he owned with another doctor. In early 2010, the patient sought liposuction on her stomach and an eye lift for just $3,000! Here is your first red-flag, if the price is too good to be true then it PROBABLY IS!

Once the surgery date was agreed upon, the defendant picked up the woman at her house—a SECOND red-flag; a busy doctor will not do this! EVER! They went to the office where he began the procedure, however, he had HER hold the IV bag; a THIRD red-flag! After he removed the six pounds of fat from her, he FLUSHED IT DOWN THE TOILET! At this point, I hope all of my readers would have checked his name, but if you didn’t once the “doctor” offered to pick you up at your house you wouldn’t have retained him for the surgery.

OF COURSE the patient’s stomach became extremely infected and she had to go to another doctor to take care of it and perform corrective surgery. This is when she learned the man was NOT a doctor and they contacted the authorities.

BUT WAIT—it’s even worse! Prior to the liposuction surgery, the “doctor” actually performed other procedures for the patient’s daughter to get rid of her acne. The defendant is facing four felony counts of practicing medicine without a license, three counts of assault with force likely to cause great bodily harm, and one count of battery for the procedures he performed on the patient and the patient’s daughter.

I REALLY HOPE THIS NEVER HAPPENS AGAIN! But, unfortunately, I know something like this will. That is the whole purpose of this blog; to protect patient rights. Whether it is from a real doctor or an imposter such as this crook, I hope I am giving you the knowledge and power to protect you and your family or friends the best you can when a health care employee is involved!

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