Podiatric Malpractice Is A Serious Type Of Medical Malpractice

Medical Malpractice Mistakes

Podiatrists are medical professionals who have dedicated their professional careers to caring for patients’ feet.  It is a distinct medical specialty that requires unique care and learning.  Patients of podiatrists know that these doctors are not lesser forms of doctors; these medical professionals have gone through rigorous learning and licensure testing.

The most experienced medical malpractice attorneys working in the greater Hudson Valley regions of New York know this as well.  Logic should then impart upon the reader that podiatric negligence is medical malpractice.  All New York laws that which speak to medical malpractice apply to podiatrists who carry out their craft negligently.

Even though it takes a lot of training to become a licensed podiatrist, experience matters in terms of properly treating patients.  Some podiatrists are simply too inexperienced to perform certain procedures; most namely, distinct surgical procedures.  For example, heel spurs typically require surgical remediation.   These surgeries should only be performed by experienced podiatric surgeons, or at least under the supervision of an experienced podiatric surgeon.  Failed heel spur treatment will lead to continued pain and or numbness.  While the ailment endures, the patient may be left out of work and without income sufficient to meet basic living needs.

Any and all consequences related to negligent podiatric care can be compensable.  This means that the pain and suffering caused by the podiatrist is compensable.  Costs of medical care and rehabilitation are compensable as well.  Lost wages are compensable.  Many other damages may be claimed for compensation by the experienced podiatric medical malpractice attorney as well.

If readers are thinking that podiatric medical malpractice is rare, readers should guess again.  The decades surrounding the turn of the recent century saw almost six thousand reported cases of medical malpractice related to negligent podiatric care.  Be aware that these are only reported cases.  Countless other instances of podiatric medical malpractice are never reported; some patients simply want to stay quiet, while others never realized their increased pain and suffering was due to podiatric malpractice.

Heel spur surgery was used above as an example of podiatric medical malpractice.  But other types of foot treatment can be negligently performed as well.  The podiatrist can negligently diagnose the patient or misdiagnose the patient, no matter what the aliment is.  Continued care and treatment has been negligently performed.  But certainly, surgeries to cure bone spurs, hammertoe, and bunions have been negligently performed.

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