Podiatry Medical Malpractice Can Result In Uncontrollable Infections, Amputations, And Even Death


Any kind of medical healthcare provider can be liable for New York medical malpractice. The standard is very broad and encompasses any healthcare provider who provides any medical treatment for any condition. This includes doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses, dental hygienists, and podiatrists.

A podiatrist focuses on the treatment of the feet, and goes to podiatry school; not medical school. A podiatry student still studies a similar medical curriculum and has a residency program. Podiatrist typically treat the following conditions:
Heel pain;
Plantar fasciitis;
Athlete’s foot;
Flat feet;
Diabetic ulcers and conditions;
Hammer toes;
Ingrown toenails;
Sports-related injuries;
Morton’s neuroma;
Corns and calluses;
Infections of the feet;
Fungus affect the feet; and
Other related conditions.
Podiatrists can even perform surgeries and repair injured bones, ligaments, tendons, structures, and other damage to the foot. Many times the surgeries are minor such as wart removal, bunion correction, excision of a neuroma, or other minor conditions.

Where New York medical malpractice claims from podiatrist mistakes usually occur are the following:
Failing to diagnose an ulcer which becomes infected;
Failing to treat an infection;
Surgical errors such as mistakes in making incisions or doing repairs;
Infections caused by surgeries;
Causing nerve injuries in a surgery;
Excessive scarring;
Improper casting such as too tight to cause nerve damage;
Lack of informed consent;
Failure to diagnose necrotizing fasciitis or gangrenes conditions;
Failure to refer a suspicious condition to a specialist; and
Similar errors.
Like other surgeons and other doctors, a podiatrist can really cause serious and significant injuries from medical malpractice. A podiatrist can also cause errors significant enough to result in the amputation of a limb or toes, peripheral nerve damage, and even death.

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