Post-Operative Infections


Every surgery carries with it the risk.  Even once the surgery is complete the patient is moved to a recovery room the patient is still at risk of infection.  Medical professionals need to take special care to observe and treat any signs of infection promptly.  Around five percent of people who undergo a surgical procedure will contract a post-operative infection.  For these patients, the results of the infection can be extremely damaging.

In order to reduce the risk of post-operative infections, hospitals and surgeons are required to follow sterilization and hygienic procedures.  Hospitals will routinely administer antibiotics, clean the patient frequently (paying particular attention around the operation area), and follow sterilization procedures.  However, despite all this care, due to the vulnerable, exposed nature of the patient after surgery, infection continues to be possible.

Possible Cause of Post-operative Infections

The leading cause of bacterial infections that develop after invasive surgical procedures is unsanitary cleaning practices.  Some of the causes of such infections include:

  • Prescribing the incorrect medication after surgery
  • Unclean bandages
  • Unsterile conditions in the operating room
  • Unsterilized surgical tools

Due to the incisions made by the doctor during surgery, if a patient contracts a post-operative infection, it could potentially reach the blood and bone.  If bacteria reaches so deeply into the body, serious infections that must be treated right away can result.  Oral antibiotics may not be sufficient to cure such an infection and they may need to be administered locally by medical staff.  If an infection is left untreated and runs its course, the patient may experience serious medical issues and, in the worse cases, die.

At the very least, post-operative infections may cause patients to need to stay in the hospital longer than planned.  This increases their medical bills and an increased loss of wages.  If the post-operative infection resulted from the negligence of a doctor or other medical staff, the patient may be able to obtain compensation for their losses.

If you or a loved one suffered a post-operative infection after a surgery, contact an experienced Kingston, New York medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible as you could be entitled to compensation.

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