Pressure Sores Are “Never Events” And Only Occur In The Presence Of Negligence Of A Healthcare Provider

Nursing Home Negligence

A pressure sore is an incredibly painful injury.  Also known as a pressure ulcer or bedsore, this is an injury to a part of the body caused by the frictions, pressure, and contact with a surface like a bed for a prolonged period of time.  This can wear away skin and damage muscle and tissue.  It can open up and bring on infection.  Untreated infections can become septic, making it a major medical emergency which is fatal.

Pressure sores are common on the heals, lower back, upper shoulders, buttocks, and other areas where there is prolonged contact.  Patients who are very ill and bedridden for a long time, in a nursing home, in hospice, or who have had complicated or major surgery are most likely to suffer from pressure sores.  Nursing home patients are the most common population to get pressure sores.

The best thing about a pressure sore, however, is that it is entirely preventable.  Yes—avoidable!

In fact, it can be incredibly easy to prevent!  Simply moving the patient around, shifting the pressure points, and even just getting walks can lower or alleviate the risk of a pressure sore.  It is actually a point that pressure sores are known as “never” events, meaning that they should never happen and when they do it is due to negligence or medical errors.

This is why when they happen, a pressure sore case is a big deal and a very serious instance of medical malpractice.  Victims of pressure sores should always contact a personal injury lawyer.  In fact, ANYONE that gets a pressure sore should call a medical malpractice lawyer; these should not occur and all victims of them have a possible claim.