Reduction In Medical Malpractice Claims From Use Of Electronic Health Records

Medical Records

A study published on June 25th, 2012 in Archives of Internal Medicine revealed that doctors who adopted and used electronic health records (EHRs) in their daily practice saw a reduction in medical malpractice claims against them.

The study suggests that the use of EHRs will improve patient safety once implemented in hospitals and offices nationwide. EHRs have also been applauded as instruments that will reduce medical errors, improve communication among providers, and reduce healthcare costs.

The study looked at physicians and their respective insurers over a period of six years and involved Massachusetts physicians affiliated with Harvard Medical School. Of the 275 physicians from multiple surgical and medical specialties, 33 had incurred a total of 51 unique claims, 49 of which related to events before EHR adoption, and 2 of which related to events after EHR adoption.

The study hopes to convince doctors hesitant to implement EHRs that doing so can reduce medical malpractice claims against them and that at the very least it does not increase claims brought against them.

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