Risk Of Caesarean Sections; Kingston, New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

Birth Injury

More and more women are giving birth through caesarean section throughout the United States. The rate of maternal mortality is on the rise in due to complications such as placental problems that can result after a caesarean section. Some women can die due to these complications. Over the past twenty-five years the mortality rates among women have actually doubled though it is believed to be under reported.

Unnecessary caesarean sections cause women to suffer many complications including placenta problems which increase with each subsequent caesarean section. The risk of death for mothers triples with caesarean sections while not conferring extra safety for babies. However, women continue to have this surgery even when it is not necessary.

Placenta accreta is one major issue for women who have had caesarean sections. This occurs when the placenta attaches deeply into the wall of the uterus rather than just the inner lining. There are some patients who have had the placenta embedded through the uterus and sometimes even onto other organs. If a woman has scars from a previous caesarean section they are at greater risk for placenta accreta. The placenta can insert into the scars or it may be forced to stay to close to the cervix since the scars prevent it from moving. The possible risks women face from this are losing their babies, their uteruses, and even their lives.

Experts are now recommending that unnecessary caesarean sections be avoided. Additionally, due to the greater risk involved with giving birth through a caesarean section, doctors are being reminded to be very careful because even a minor mistake can be fatal to mothers. Only after it has been determined that the procedure will be safe for the patient should the doctor perform the surgery.

After the caesarean section has been performed, the doctor needs to keep a close watch on the patient. After the deliver infections and other complications are likely and need to be diagnosed and treated quickly. Should a doctor be negligent during and after a caesarean section, it can prove to be fatal to the mother and the baby. Therefore it is important that the doctor pay very close attention and avoid incidents that can lead to medical malpractice.

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