Routine Outpatient Procedure Results In Victim Losing Limbs


A 46-year-old woman has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the physician who performed — what was supposed to be a routine procedure in an outpatient setting–and instead became a six-month ordeal in the hospital.

Lisa-Marie Carter underwent outpatient ovarian cyst removal surgery, however, the physician accidently perforated her bowel. Carter noticed something was wrong when she used the restroom the next day and her incision opened up and released a large amount of fluid.

The doctor inspected the incision site three days later and found that the bowel had not only been perforated but was infected with bacteria. The wound was infected with potentially deadly flesh-eating bacteria known as necrotizing fasciitis — a rare yet serious disease that can destroy body tissue, skin, and fat.

Carter underwent eight operations over the next twelve days to remove portions of her stomach, intestines, and muscle that had become infected.

Carter left the hospital six months later without hands and feet. The doctors had to amputate Carter’s forearms and lower legs as a result of insufficient blood flow to her limbs. Carter is now undergoing rehabilitation to learn how to use her prosthetic limbs.

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